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Amazon Floating Suites

Fishing Virgin Waters

We’ll take you where no other operation can venture and you won’t sacrifice an ounce of comfort along the way

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The Suites

We’ve created a marvel of engineering, separate two-person suites with air-conditioning and individualized restrooms and hot water showers. They draft minimal water, and alone they’re like little hotel rooms, but when attached in sequence and pulled up remote rivers, they enable us to access peacock bass fisheries that the motherships and houseboats can’t reach. Wake up each day on a new piece of virgin water and you’ll be thankful that you’ve made the choice to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime luxury angling vacation.

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Floating Suites

Service and Dining

Anglers Inn International’s Billy Chapman Jr. was the first person to deliver a banana split to guests in the Amazon – a little soupy, but recognizable nonetheless. That’s the level we go to in order to ensure that our guests are satisfied. Even on the most remote stretch of river, you’ll eat a combination of American and Brazilian fare, including prime cuts of meat and local seafood, and if you haven’t tasted the regional drinks, you’re in for a pleasant surprise there, too. No matter how distant we are from camp, service is our focus and we’ll do everything we can to keep you comfortable.

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Going where no one else can venture


Meals Cooked to Order

Our chef prepares a combination of Brazilian and American fare, including prime cuts of meat and the freshest local seafood.


Open Bar

Enjoy our famous “Margaritas” along with great labels of liquor, beer and wine.


Tackle Provided

We’ll provide you with our “Amazon Tough” bag with over two dozen items you may need, and we have first class rods on deck to help you avoid baggage troubles.

Come for the fishing, stay for the rest

At Anglers Inn you will experience the world's best in bass fishing and quality of service.

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