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The Anglers Inn Way

Few men have had a greater impact and are more knowledgeable on the world of bass fishing than Billy Chapman Jr.

Today tens of thousands of bass fishermen have had the good fortune to sample the tremendous bass fishing now available in Mexico. Most who have, know that Chapman is the Owner/Operator of Anglers Inn Resorts. What many fail to realize is that Chapman is also the man who led the way in providing the wondrous bass fishing now available in Mexican lakes and beyond.

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February Fishing Report

February is the romantic month and couples certainly enjoyed the lakes this year. Of course, Pablo proposed to Victoria in January but there is no bad time for that, even if it is a month prior to Valentines.

All our anglers, at both lakes, enjoyed great fishing in February and we do sound like a broken record with our best lure report. This is certainly the year of the stick worm and these baits have been popular for quite some time now. Stick worms like the Senko, Berkley General and Yum Dinger lead the way and the 5-inch seems to be THE size and watermelon is THE key color. So pack plenty.


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