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Crystal River Florida

Collect Scallops on Florida's Gulf Coast

Don the snorkel, mask and fins and collect a bag of scallops, let a local restaurant prepare the catch that evening, then relax on a custom Anglers Inn On the Water Floating Suite with all the amenities. A must-do family adventure

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Don't Miss Scallop Season

Enjoy a fun treasure hunt. July 1 is a huge day in Crystal River and Kings Bay. It’s the beginning of scallop season and collectors from far and wide venture to this area to watch and grab scallops as they flitter, flop and clumsily swim through the grass-bottom shallows. Scallops are an excellent table fare and local restaurants will take your gathered shells and prepare a delectable feast.

Pete’s Pier, 1 SW 1st Place, Crystal River, FL, is the home of Anglers Inn On the Water and luxury Floating Suites. With the ability to comfortably sleep 6 people onboard, it is the perfect size for a family getaway, multi-family vacation or secluded couple’s retreat. Local attractions available are fishing charter boats, manatee tours including swimming with the manatees, scallop trips, dolphin tours, sunset cruises, kayak and paddle board rental.

View Crystal River - Scalloping Packages & Pricing

Crystal River - Scalloping

On the Water Accommodations

Anglers Inn On the Water deluxe Floating Suites sleep 6 comfortably and offer ample space with a craft that is 16 feet wide by 59 feet long, with lots of living space. Amenities include a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious living room with a Smart TV, Wi-Fi, front and rear decks for outdoor seating, gas grill and over 1000 square feet sundeck. Moored at Pete’s Pier in Crystal River’s Kings Bay, guests can relax on any of the multiple decks and observe manatees casually swimming by. Nearby easy-to-get-to Crystal River restaurants offer a wide variety of table fare. Why stay on land when you can live on the water.

View Crystal River - Scalloping Packages & Pricing

Scallops, fun to watch, delicious to eat


Comedians of the shallows

Watching a scallop “swim” above the grass beds in shallow salt water is a vision of comical chaos. Moving in a single direction is never a straight line for a scallop but a series of flips and flops as the bi-valves seem to struggle to get anywhere specific.


How to prepare a scallop

Most cooks simply coat them thoroughly with their favorite spice and sear in a hot pan. Care is given to not overcook as this will dry them out ruining the texture and flavor.


How to collect

A snorkel, mask and flippers are the uniform of a scallop gatherer. Slowly swimming along the surface of shallow water at low tide in known scallop eel grass bedding areas allows the scallops to be seen and grabbed as they try to swim away. A scallop net can be quite useful.

Come for the fishing, stay for the rest

At Anglers Inn you will experience the world's best in bass fishing and quality of service.

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