Things for you to know before your trip

Experience fishing like never before

If you’ve always dreamed of catching fish until you cried “uncle,” Lake Picachos is the venue for you. If you’ve ever wanted to reel in a fish and watch as two more tried to take the lure out of its mouth, now is the time to go. The population of bass is so incredibly healthy that you can catch them any way you want, and it’s just an hour from the Mazatlan International Airport and the nearby beaches. 

What you will get at Anglers Inn

That makes it the perfect venue for a day trip – leave the family at the resort, hop on our air-conditioned van before sunrise and we’ll treat you to breakfast, lunch and a day on the water you’ll never forget. The only problem is that won’t be enough. After you get a taste of this amazing lake, you’ll never want to go home, or back to the hotel, again.