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Anglers Inn Lake Picachos by Troy Lindner

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Mark my words… THIS WILL BE THE ONE OF THE TOP LARGEMOUTH BASS LAKES IN THE WORLD WITHIN THREE YEARS. With the long growing season, baring any environmental disaster, you could see it happen in two years. Short history, Lake Picachos, as I write this, is ONLY 13 YEARS OLD. Find another lake in the world this “young” with an catchable population and size of bass comparable to here. It doesn’t exist. The next closest, in my opinion, is Diamond Valley in Southern, California. Quick history on the lake. They flooded a basin, and moved five small towns from the lake bed to higher ground. Side note, I did get to fish one of the flooded cemeteries.

The number of bass 3-6 pounds in Picachos, is unreal. I fished here two years in 2017. We caught a ton of bass in the 2-3 range, with a 5-6 being big. Now, near 4 pounders are the norm, and a 7-8 is a big one. The current population should grow in the next two years to 6-9 pounders, with ten pounders being not uncommon. The amount of baitfish (and giant crawfish) these bass have access to, mixed with a long growing season, make for a perfect storm. The forage that make up their diet consists of shad, tilapia, and these giant Mexican freshwater crawfish (size of small lobsters). There are also catfish and carp in the system.

Anglers Inn provides the perfect accommodations for your experience there. They pick you up from the airport and it’s about 40 minute ride. You get dropped off right at the bar overlooking the lake!

Along with your fishing equipment, be sure to bring an appetite. You get three big meals each day, and the appetizers in the evening are awesome. Typical day is fueling up with a hearty breakfast before sunrise, then going out fishing until about 11ish and returning for lunch. Nothing like overlooking the beautiful lake while enjoying your favorite drink. Followed by a margarita and then maybe a short siesta. You can discuss with your guide what time you want to get back out for the afternoon bite.

The early morning and evening bites were the best for us. The sunrise and sunsets are screen saver worthy.

I was here a couple years ago and the main deal was plastic lizards. Texas rigged or C-rigged. Well, the bass grew up since then and like bigger baits. Soft plastics like that will get numbers, you can flip almost any tree in the lake and catch a fish. The best lures for bigger fish (and numbers) were a medium/deep diving crankbait and big under spin. For me, it was Rapala DT 16 and VMC Hooks Spin Jig with a big 5-6″ MC Swimbait trailers.

Billy Chapman and his entire team will take great care of you during your stay. They offer St Croix Rods (BEST Rods on Earth) for your use if needed to handle the hard fighting bass there. One bonus that was really nice…the daily laundry service. There’s a basket in your room for dirty clothes. They are cleaned each evening and placed on your bed when you return for lunch. Each room has a private en suite shower, TV, closet, two beds and air conditioner to keep you cool and sleeping well during the night. Each room faces the lake and offers amazing views!

The last morning fishing sesh with my cousin Billy and Nick Goll was awesome! We got into a school of 3-6 pounders, and was pretty much non-stop action for over an hour! This is what you can expect there.