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Friday 5s: Top Five Tips Manatee Manners

Friday 5s: Top Five Tips Manatee Manners

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    1. Practice passive observation whether swimming, snorkeling or in a boat. Give the manatee space and never touch, chase or hassle. Not only are these activities against the law they could well cause the manatees to flee the safety of King's Bay.

    2. Never feed a manatee. There is more than enough eel grass, a manatee favorite, for all the sea cows to live on. Feeding a manatee could alter their natural diet or train them to approach boats.
    3. If operating a motorized boat be especially careful to not come close. Prop injuries can be fatal.
    4. Control your trash. Paper and plastics are not only ugly in the water are harmful to the manatees and other aquatic resident’s health.
    5. Speak quietly and avoid making loud noises. Your goal is to view the manatees without disturbing them.     

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