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Lake El Salto, Lake Picachos, The Amazon and Crystal River: November 2023

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If November fishing at Anglers Inn Mexico is any indication of the 2023-2024 season then guests at our lodge will stay very excited, experience great fun and bring plenty of bass to the boat.  

Anglers from across the nation joined us at Lake El Salto and Lake Picachos in November to enjoy the fishing, food and service. Some were new guests, some were repeat customers.  

Be sure to pack watermelon Senkos, black/blue 10-inch PowerWorms, shad-colored 4- to 6-inch swimbaits, 6- to 8-inch watermelon lizards, deep cranks, shallow cranks and topwaters. Don’t forget, you can use our St. Croix Bass X rods at the lakes for free.  

From our November Lake El Salto/Lake Picachos combo trip guests’ reports  

The Anglers Inn Journal  

Each room at Lake El Salto and Lake Picachos now has the recently published The Anglers Inn Journal. This free and exclusive 24-page magazine, in full color and quality paper, rivals anglers favorite magazines in story quality and subject matter. Guests are encouraged to take an issue home with them and share with friends back home.

Joel Raschke and his band of 12  

Joel was joined by friends Phil Boone, Jim Del Re, Glenn McFarlin, Al Del Re, Scott Byler, John Jones, Richard Mallette, Kelly Kerzman, Alec Bell, Chris Shores and Tom Shores. They fished all over both lakes targeting points, bluffs and the shoreline. Favorite baits were shallow running chatter baits and traps along with topwater poppers. Big catch for the group was a whopping 8.14 lunker.

From our October Lake El Salto guests’ reports  

Jerry and Dianne Sedy  

The duo enjoyed a return trip to Anglers Inn and have already booked their next trip. These experienced anglers relied on the always dependable black and blue PowerWorm along with watermelon Senkos. They also tossed a few topwater baits for good measure and early morning fun. They were rewarded with a double-digit bass coming in at 10 pounds.

Todd and MaryAnne Sages  

This happy couple also visited Lake El Salto in November. They focused their fishing on green pumpkin and watermelon PowerWorms and Senkos fishing mostly the shoreline and flats. Big fish for the pair was an 8-pound, 4-ounce lunker. Said Todd, “My wife and I both caught our personal best and we can't wait to get back.”

Kurt Siemers group of 8  

This group, composed of many repeat visitors, were heavy competitors trying to outdo the others. Big fish winner weighed in at 9.54 pounds caught by Kurt. Points and shoreline were favored fishing areas with black and blue Senkos, black and blue PowerWorms, traps, chatterbaits, as well as Rico and Megabass Pop Max topwaters. “We enjoyed great early morning topwater bites. We also caught nice doubles with 8-pound bass and the 9.54-pound bass was my personal best. We’re in the process of booking our next trip,” said Kurt.

Buzz Broughton quartet  

Buzz was joined by Bill, George and Steve to Lake El Salto. The unanimous conclusion was “Great trip, super service, very professional, great food. We’ll be back!” They fished all over the lake with watermelon red Senkos, 10-inch PowerWorms, watermelon red lizards and whopper ploppers.

From our November Lake Picachos guests’ reports  

Larry Gray and his four member party  

Larry and Tom Gray, Jim Duggins and Jeff Sturdevant ventured to Lake Picachos for pre-Thanksgiving fishing. The return to the lake was complete with an 8-pound, 6-ounce bass caught by Jeff. They mostly tossed Zoom Brush Hogs and Zoom lizards to points, flats and shallows. Swimbaits and deep crank baits also were in their arsenal. They are now planning their return to Anglers Inn.

Crystal River with Suite Life on the Water  

The manatees have arrived and the springs inside Kings Bay now have dozens and dozens of sea cows relaxing in the warm water. In no time hundreds will have made their annual pilgrimage to the Manatee Capital of the World. These huge mammals swim right by the Anglers Inn Floating Suite docked at Pete’s Pier. The fishing is stable and strong for snook, redfish, trout and largemouth bass. The charter captains are ready for your reservation.

Amazon River Adventures

Our Amazon River peacock bass fishing season begins January 1. Call me for more details.

The Anglers Inn Journal  

Perhaps you subscribe to a monthly fishing magazine but there is nothing like the new Anglers Inn Journal. This annual publication gives the reader a boatload of information about Anglers Inn destinations, visions and more. And Anglers Inn Journal is free. Simply go to The Anglers Inn Journal and read this digital version. You’ll be entertained by every page.   

Anglers Inn University  

It’s time to make your reservation for classes at Anglers Inn University. Industry expert George Large will take you through any of the six courses offered at our campus at Pete’s Pier this winter. Go to Anglers Inn University Crystal River Campus to learn how to take your fishing experience to the next level. It’s a great way to introduce fishing to a friend, child or significant other.

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