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Lake El Salto, Lake Picachos, The Amazon and Crystal River: October 2023

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Our opening for the 2023-2024 season has been a great success. Improvements to our facilities were completed, the lake has filled, the staff and guides anxious to serve you and the fishing outstanding.

As predicted, the most productive baits did not change for this fall. Not surprisingly, early season baits include watermelon Senkos, black/blue 10-inch PowerWorms, shad-colored 4- to 6-inch swimbaits, 6- to 8-inch watermelon lizards, deep cranks, shallow cranks and topwaters. You can still use our St. Croix’s Bass X rods at the lakes for free.

From our October Lake El Salto/Lake Picachos combo trip guests’ report

Anna Davis and Phil Cotroneo

You know Anna from when you call 1-800-GOTA FISH. She helps arrange all the trips to the lakes. She, and brother Phil, spent some time at both lakes creating great memories. Phil caught his very first largemouth bass and recorded, of course, his personal best catch. The pair focused on points and shoreline.  

Anglers Inn’s own Anna Davis took some time to fish both lakes in October. Of note, their choice was a pumpkin lizard and a lipless crank bait. Said Phil, “I caught my very first bass and my biggest ever. Customer service was second to none and the food was outstanding.”

From our October Lake El Salto guests’ reports

John Dosen and Nick Dosen

John has been fishing with Anglers Inn for over 20 years and returned to Lake El Salto in October. This was his 30th trip and son Nick’s third. They primarily fished points and flats with watermelon red lizards and 10-inch PowerWorms. They also enjoyed some top water action using a blue/silver Rico popper. Biggest fish for the pair was 7 pounds, 4 ounces. “Anglers Inn never fails to make the trip fantastic. As always, the food, accommodations, and staff were all top notch. My wife Jackie has been there three times also. We hope to make many more trips and can't wait for the next time!” reported John.

Jacob Mann group

Included in the Mann group were Jacob and Bates Mann, Don and Parker Jackson, Carl and Augustus De Brux and Michael and John Waldrop.

Don Jackson and Parker Jackson

Don heard about Anglers Inn from a friend and he and Parker joined the Jacob Mann group for his first trip to Lake El Salto. Don landed a 6-pounder, Parker a 5.5-pounder. Senkos, jigs, spinnerbaits and deep cranks were their baits of choice in various colors. The pair fished multiple targets including points, flats, bluffs and the shoreline. Said Don, “We can't wait to get back and absolutely had a blast! Aside from the incredible fishing, the staff and the guides were amazing! They made the experience!”

From our October Lake Picachos guests’ reports

The strong early October fishing at Lake Picachos was impacted by the late Hurricane Norma resulted in a few days of challenging Lake Picachos angling. The Category 4 storm brought rain and wind to the lake but spared Lake El Salto. Fishing immediately returned to the frenzy everyone enjoyed prior to Hurricane Norma’s arrival.

Eric Saunders and April Batista

Eric and wife April visited Lake Picachos last month targeting points with 5-inch watermelon Senkos. The points were near deep water which allowed the bass to retreat to cooler water and return to the shallows to feed. “Our guide was phenomenal and his fishing knowledge endless. We had a great time and it was undoubtedly the best fishing of my life. I caught my personal biggest bass ever. April was surprised by the huge toads that meandered around the lodge grounds at night. We can’t wait to get back and are already planning our return,” said Eric

Alan Chew and Linda Wong

This couple were making their second trip to Anglers Inn in 2023 and have already booked a return for February 2024. A trip for fall 2024 is in the works. These veterans of largemouth bass fishing on Lake Picachos followed the guidance from their guide and presented watermelon/red Senkos, shad pattern poppers and blue/chrome lipless crankbaits to points, bluffs, shoreline and flats….just about everywhere across the lake. “The entire staff make us feel like family when

we are there. The drivers that take us to and from Picachos are fantastic too! The fishing can be really great, bites and catching fish at a frenetic pace. Never disappointed about the quantity of fish caught......only disappointed when we have to leave! And then, anticipation and excitement,....because we know we'll be back!” said Alan

Crystal River with Suite Life on the Water

October is an exciting month for Crystal River and Kings Bay. The fishing is stable and strong for snook, redfish, trout and largemouth bass. The charter captains are ready for your reservation. The manatees start their annual fall migration into the Bay in late October and early November with hundreds of the huge mammals swimming into their winter grounds, passing directly by the Anglers Inn Floating Suite docked at Pete’ Pier in the heart of the action

Amazon River Adventures

Our Amazon River peacock bass fishing season begins January 1. Call me for more details.

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Anglers Inn University

It’s time to make your reservation for classes at Anglers Inn University. Industry expert George Large will take you through any of the six courses offered at our campus at Pete’s Pier this winter. Go to to learn how to take your fishing experience to the next level. It’s a great way to introduce fishing to a friend, child or significant other.

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