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Lake El Salto, Lake Picachos, The Amazon and Crystal River: April 2024

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Less than three months remain in the 2023-2024 Mexico bass fishing season and the fishing is as hot as a cactus on the Sierra Madre lakeside hills.  Amazon peacock’s 2024-2025 season is filling up and anglers are already looking at booking for the 2025-2026 season. The Anglers Inn fleet of Floating Suites in Crystal River, Florida, was heavily booked this spring with fishing, manatee watching and relaxation enjoyed by all. Our Amazon and Mexico customers are loving the Floating Suites.

The 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 seasons are already being booked so call 1-800-GOTA-FISH and reserve your spot on the Anglers Inn yacht. This luxury boat is a 5-star hotel on the water with a full-time executive chef preparing the most delicious meals.

You can experience the very finest peacock bass fishing on the Rio Negro from our custom bass boats piloted by experienced peacock bass fishing guides.


There is no better largemouth bass fishing than that found on Lake El Salto and Lake Picachos. Both lakes are the “go-to” destinations and are enjoyed by so many of our Anglers Inn guests, both repeat and newcomers. Favored baits continue to be the black and blue 10-inch PowerWorm, watermelon Senko, deep crank, chatterbait, shad swimbait and topwater.  

For anglers headed to Mexico in May, June or July you can expect the lake to be right at normal level for this time of year. Months of irrigation has dropped the level as expected and this seems to concentrate the fish. Flats, bluffs and points are going to be popular hangouts for the trophies.

From our April Lake El Salto guests’ report  

Shasta Moser and fishing partners Matt Moser plus Clint and Brandi King saw plenty of action on their return to the lake in April. “We all caught our personal best in El Salto,” said Shasta. “It is an amazing place from the service you receive to the fishing. It was all amazing! We can’t wait to go back.” A black/blue 10-inch PowerWorm with the tail dipped in ‘Spike It’ was a favorite bait. The group is already planning another trip.

Pat and Kate Dilling also made a return visit to Lake El Salto and caught matching 9.82-pound bass. Shad-colored swimbaits, citrus Dredgers, white chatterbaits, and 10-inch black and blue PowerWorms were their go-to baits. Said Kate, “This was Pat's fifth trip to El Salto and my third time. It was the best one ever, or at least so far! Pat is heading to Picachos in November and we plan to come back to El Salto.”

James Hatch came back to El Salto and brought down three fishing buddies to experience all that Anglers Inn has to offer. With James were James David, Michael Collins and Michael Bush. Reported James, “Caught over 450 bass in one boat and over 350 in the other. The biggest five bass for James went 46 pounds.”

From our April Lake Picachos guests’ reports  

Ron Lara visited Lake Picachos again along with Greg Lara, Gary Elliot and Nick Elliot. Said the Dads, “We were 2 father-son teams. Both sons are about 40 and said it was their best vacation. Looking to rebook next March.”

Crystal River with Suite Life on the Water  

From Floating Suites guest Lena Stuart  

Loved the houseboat… located on Kings Bay and very close to Three Sisters via the supplied kayaks. Billy is the host and he is great. Accommodating and a phone call away. The boat is clean and comfortable with comfy beds! There are extra Murphy beds as well if needed. The boat has four balconies and all are nicely furnished. The entire experience was Five stars! Friendly pelicans fly around and dive down for fish, with many kayaks nearby heading to see the manatees. We saw many manatees on our kayak trip right off the back of the boat. Many great seafood restaurants in the area. Amy’s on the Avenue is great for lunch and breakfast. The Crab Plant has excellent fried shrimp. All the comforts of home are available on this fantastic houseboat. We stayed 4 wonderful nights and had a fun, comfortable stay.  

Upcoming Seasons in Crystal River  

Scalloping in the Kings Bay area around Crystal River opens July 1 and Gag Grouper season opens September 1. Make your reservations for these popular activities that produce scrumptious dining of fresh scallops and outstanding fishing. Call 1-800-GOTA-FISH to reserve the Anglers Inn Floating Suites.

The Anglers Inn Journal  

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