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No Need to Pack Rods

No Need to Pack Rods

Our longtime friends and partners at St. Croix Rods make the best bass rods available today, and as part of our arrangement we’re able to provide them to our guests in Mexico as part of the Anglers Inn International experience. There’s no charge for this service unless you break a rod.

Once you arrive at the lodge, simply go to the office and ask the manager on duty to see the varied selection of rods available. You may want to ask your guide which techniques are working best and then select the rods you’ll need, because we offer options from multiple series in lengths and actions tailored to specific presentations.   

Once you have the rods, simply get out your reels and your guide will be happy to rig everything up for you. In fact, you can even leave them in the boat between fishing sessions and he’ll retie and tidy everything up.  

If you insist on bringing your own rods, we understand. Many of our guests still do that. You might want to inquire about travel rods – St. Croix makes some extremely good ones. Either way, be sure to invest in a high-quality, crushproof rod tube and check with your air carrier about their policies. You don’t want your rods to be rejected because the tube is too long. Nor do you want to pay too much or end up with broken tackle.  

In our view, the best bet is to make the trip as easy as possible and rely on the rods we keep in stock.